Out of all of the routine challenges a homeowner faces, the fight against dust might be the most agitating one. No matter how hard you clean, no matter how much effort you put in, your Dallas home is always thickwith dust. Looking for ways to keep the dust in your home at a minimum? The experts at HVAC have some tips and tricks that might interest you!

Easy Tips to Improve Air Quality & Reduce Dust

The biggest problem with dust is that it comes from absolutely everywhere. Dust is made up of skin cells, fabrics, small pests, pollen, and a slew of other common air pollutants. This makes completely removing dust from your home a bit of a pipedream, but there are some really effective and useful ways to slow its accumulation and reduce its presence in your home.

Start by:

  • Adding mats to entrances. Much of the dust and debris that makes it into your home will have come by way of clinging to feet, or more specifically shoes. Ensure that you and your family remove outdoor footwear at a designated floormat, and keep the mats clean as often as possible to drastically reduce the amount of dust your home accumulates.
  • Dusting with the right tools. Dry dusting is not the way to go. Using dry cloth or a duster only sweeps the dust around, reintroducing it to the air in your home, where it will float around and eventually end up back on the floors and furniture. Use moist cloth with DIY dusting fluids (less VOCs than commercially produced dusting fluids) for the best results.
  • Paying attention to your floors. Where would you say the majority of dust in your home winds up? If you said the floors, you’re absolutely correct–typically more than half of the dust in your home is on the floors! Vacuum weekly, and be sure to shampoo carpets on a monthly basis to scour this common dust hotbed.
  • Washing home fabrics frequently. Fabrics not only produce a measure of dust, they also hold on to loads of it. Bedclothes, window fabrics, cloth furniture; it’s all laden with dust, and should be cleaned weekly.